jiva CD

‘Best Friends’ – debut album

12 tracks, including 7 jiva originals: recorded and engineered by Ron Angus at Studio One.


£10.00 inc p&p

01 Two Old Friends (Chris Simpson)
02 Different Dreams (jiva)
03 Some Way Home (jiva)
04 Love At The Five & Dime (Nanci Griffith)
05 Best Friends (jiva)
06 When (jiva)
07 Small Town (jiva)
08 An Acquaintance Of Mine (Anthony John Clarke)
09 Dream On (jiva)
10 Louise (Paul Siebel)
11 Back Home To You (Allan Taylor)
12 One More Song (jiva)

The jiva sound is immediately recognisable: uniformly pleasant, even-toned and even-textured, with gentle and mellifluous twin-guitar accompaniment (instruments chiming in contented counterpoint) underscoring a soothing vocal line supported by equally gentle harmonies… jiva’s songs are eminently companionable creations, replete with pleasing choruses and writing that espouses both wistful reminiscence and sensible, positive life-philosophy… engineer Ron Angus has unerringly succeeded in faithfully capturing jiva’s musical personality for posterity, so if you’ve enjoyed jiva in concert (where their music can certainly cast a special kind of spell), you need not hesitate in buying this disc. Dave Kidman

You can buy the album by clicking the ‘Add to Cart’ button above, or individul tacks or whole album downloads from CD Baby, iTunesAmazon and other major digital distributors… and, of course, we’ll have some with us at our gigs!

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