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36 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. John Jeffrey

    Feeling lost without my Taylor but hoping to get it back in time for my Ireland trip next month – Just back from caravan musical extravaganza in Easingwold with like minded friends. At least my Tanglewood 12 string got a run out!

  2. John Jeffrey

    Pleased to see you both at Beamish Mary on Sunday I intended to say hello at the end of the show but after I returned from you know where you’d left! 🙂

  3. John Jeffrey

    Well – my friends you don’t hang about do you – when you say we’ll do it – it’s blooming well done! 🙂 JJ.

  4. ST

    Hi Jimmy & Val,

    I think of you often and was wondering how you are doing. Busy by the looks of it here, and that’s great.

    Just dropped in to say “Hi”

    All the best to you this year.

  5. Ron Murray

    Long time no hear.

    Just finished listening to your “Old fashioned Christmas”, My sentiments too, enjoyed the song.

    1. jivauk Post author

      Many thanks, Ron – good to hear from you. You’ll be pleased to know that the database you wrote for us is still used every day, and it’s a great asset. Well done!

      Glad you like our ‘Old Fashioned Christmas’. We may not make Christmas number 1, but hopefully the song resonates with lots of people. It’s gone down well wherever we’ve played it.

      We’re currently working on a video for the full length (uncut) version… will let you know when it’s on YouTube.

    1. jivauk Post author

      Thanks John – Val is still in ‘recovery mode’ but we’re taking things slowly… don’t want to spread germs around and don’t want to stretch the vocals too much.

      We’ll be back to our usual punishing schedule before long.

      Glad you had a good time filling in for us at the Fool’s Gold CD launch… sounds like it was a canny night.

  6. Ruaridh Pringle

    Hi – felt compelled to write and say thank you for making publicly available this very thoughtfully laid out and incredibly helpful website! Really appreciated – all the best, Ru

  7. Richard Langridge

    Hi Jimmy and Val,

    Thanks for requesting myspace friendship. I’m happy to do that.
    Checked out your website and love your music. We seem to like a lot of similar artists and songs too.
    Hope to see you at Faldingworth in March. I’ve played there a couple of times with my singing partner Kathryn and they’re a great audience and the organiser Les is a nice bloke. We’re there as support for Anthony John Clarke in October.
    Best of luck with your music, I’ll keep a regular eye on your website.
    If you have a little time to spare check out my “day job” website.

    Very best wishes,


  8. Keith Blackburn

    Thanks very much for your contribution to the Church folk night on Friday last week. Perhaps we’ll think about a further similar event sometime soon.

  9. Normskie

    Greetings from Manchester.

    Fantastic web site, really enjoyed the music, especially, fell in love with ‘Some Way Home’.

    Despite having lived in Ashington for 8 years never knew there was a folk club round the corner.

    Next time I am up that way, I might pop in.


  10. Isidro Pérez (Spain)

    Me ha gustado mucho vuestra página web. He encontrado la letra de una canción que aprendí de pequeño hace 25 años.
    Muchas gracias.
    Saludos desde España.

    I liked your web. I have found the lyrics of a song that i learnt when i was a child 25 years ago.
    Thank you.
    Greetings from Spain.

  11. Lyndon

    Very nice website and good to see some pictures of you smiling playing your guitar … take care and speak to you soon !
    From the celebrity himself.

  12. Keith Taylor

    Thought it was time to add another little bit.
    All the best for 2006. Keep up the good work. And a great BIG THANK YOU from Me and all at Cramlington Folk Club.

  13. David Anderson

    Just looked at your website… you should be very proud of it – it’s about time someone brought the folk scene into the 21st Century. We must try to inject some new blood into it, and by your efforts we most probably will.
    More power to your elbow. Keep up the good work… wishing you all the best.

  14. David Stowe (Los Angeles)

    I was Googling a Taylor 855ce and ran across your site. I’ve been trying to find the guitar, but this time of year, it seems that they are a bit scarce. Other instruments are an old Guild D50, a Ramirez GH and a Larrivee LV10e, which I really like (great for finger styles and totally unobtrusive on-board electronics – BBand a.2).
    I’ll bookmark you; do you have recordings available?

  15. John Liipere

    My parents bought an Yamaha FG-580 for my 30th birthday in 1976. It’s been sitting in its case most of the time since then because I’m also 5’2″ & it is uncomfortable to hold & play. Last year I bought a satin finish rosewood bodied parlour Larrivee. It’s fantastic to hold & play. Further, I was directed to luthier Mike Kinal here in Vancouver & will in the next 3 weeks have presented to me a custom made Mini Voyageur jazz guitar on which I was able to do some of the final sanding prior to the satin finish being applied. After all of this preamble, how much is my FG-580 valued in the current market?

  16. anonymous

    Just listening to ‘One More Song +’ CD whilst doing final Christmas present wrapping.
    Thanks again for your music – I find it soothing, emotional and just what music should be – thought provoking. And most of the thoughts bring back very happy memories for me. Keep doing it!

  17. Alex

    just to let you know i’m on-line. please keep playing them lovely tune.
    have a merry xmas and a tuneful & a happy new year.

  18. Art

    I have just listened to jiva’s CD. The songs all had a soothing quality which literally mellowed my mood to a more relaxed state. I must stress that I was very much awake at the end of the CD. I particularly enjoyed the bright and melodic combination of the 12 and 6-string guitars. The songs were simple, but had a flow to them that was nice on the ear.
    I don’t know much about folk music, but the songs could do with a bit of uplifting. Having said that, 2 of the songs were memorable just after 2 listens, for their subject matter and their melodies. They being: “All Day Every Day” and “Windmills of Blyth”.
    The singing was a little solemn at time, but again, this is probably in keeping with the musical genre. The harmonies added richness.
    Jethro Tull is about as close to folk as I generally get, but I will definitely be playing the CD many times to myself and others. Very easy to navigate web site.

  19. keith salter

    Jimmy and Val, it was nice to meet with you in Amsterdam. Melanie is great (and she’s coming back for more!).

  20. keith blackburn

    Hi Jimmy and Val just testing my e skills
    I must say thank you for the production of the “Jimmys Picture” CD. You made something special happen which has always been beyond my reach.
    As my philipino friends say as a greeting ” more power”
    see you soon

  21. Frank Robinson

    Enjoyed your songs on the cd you kindly gave me at the Barrington a couple of weeks ago. (I am Kevin’s friend). Some nice Northumbrian references in the lyrics. I particularly enjoyed ‘Dream On’ which you played that evening and think it is gorgeous.
    Excellent web site. Makes mine look like an eyesore. Good luck.

  22. Dia

    Just listened to some of your songs and love the voice and the guitar playing. Am looking forward to meeting you in October when Melanie is playing in Amsterdam and other parts of the Netherlands. Hope you bring your guitars.

  23. Ray and Margaret Derrick

    Great site – just been browsing it. Well done at Ashington – you are making it into an excellent club – keep up the good work.

  24. Tony Counsell

    Great to see you both at the Hale and Hearty Folk Club last Friday evening (2 April). We all really enjoyed your music and wish you every success with the CD and for the future. Come back and see us again soon.

  25. Keith Taylor

    Good to see you and very much enjoyed your spot on Tuesday 27/01/04 and you came back the next week. Good luck with Ashington from all at Cramlington Folk Club.


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