16-Oct-2016 Winter Is Closing In

Soon the clocks will change for the end of Summer time… they will go back. If only we could do that in real life.

Instead of which the 3rd November is looming ever closer – the day last year I lost my gorgeous Jimmy. How wonderful if we could just turn the clock back to how things were before the cancer took him and keep on living our lives together as it was meant to be. Ah dreams… only dreams.

A friend, who sadly also lost her husband to cancer, asked me recently “Do you have a plan for the day? Not that you need one.”

I’d been pondering that question for a number of weeks not sure of what to do. As chance would have it Cathryn Craig and Brian Willoughby will be guesting at Darlington Folk Club that night and that is what I’m going to do… go and see them. If Jimmy were alive there would have be no question about it we would definitely have gone so go I will. Over the past few years we’ve become good friends with Cathryn and Brian and they were very supportive last year when Jimmy was ill. It has meant a great deal to us both.

The alternative? To sit at home and mope and be miserable all day, I suspect not what Jimmy would wish me to do.

And my friend, the one I mentioned earlier, she is coming to see them too! We shall support each other through the ‘wintry’ times ahead of us.

I’ll finish the blog with a very summery picture – a picture of Jimmy standing outside what had to be just about his most favourite place to be… dscn1817the Taylor Guitar Factory in El Cajon, California. This was taken on our last trip there in 2013.

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