02-Apr-2016 In Memorium

I am very much enjoying the walks with the Northumberland Walking Group. I found this group through a site called meetup.com and there are loads and loads of different clubs for different interests. I’ve been on 4 walks in March and it’s a great reminder of the wonderful scenery here in Northumberland – you can’t beat it (apart from maybe some parts of Scotland!).

I spent sometime up in Jedburgh last month chilling out with Anthony John and Julia which was just┬álovely – and we went for a walk! On my way to visit my son Richard for Easter, I visited Cusworth Hall near Doncaster.

Cusworth Hall Tea Room

When Jimmy and I re-met on 26 March 2002 (after 30 years) he met me off the train at Doncaster station and we spent a lovely lovely afternoon strolling around the grounds of Cusworth Hall. The date fell perfectly for me to visit on my way south and I couldn’t miss the opportunity. I went to the tea room and had a toasted tea cake (this was what I had 14 years ago) and a cup of coffee. Sad but happy memories of that lovely day. Our plan was to have at least 30 years together, having spent 30 years apart, but alas it was not meant to be. This will always be a special place and I am so glad of the time we did manage to spend together.

On Easter Monday I went along to the football match at Cambridge United (against Oxford). My son has supported Cambridge United forever and this was the first time I had been to the ground. It was a good match albeit goalless.

Jimmy’s grave Edgewell Cemetery, Prudhoe

On the Tuesday I met up again with my old work colleague Joyce Freeman and after the Knit and Knatter group, which is held in a room in the Wyevale Garden Centre in Huntingdon, we had lunch there and a long long chat afterward – it was lovely. Thank you so much Joyce.

The final happening for March was the memorial stone being placed on Jimmy’s grave. I went along to watch the work being done and I am so pleased with it. This was designed by Jimmy and me last year and it was good to see the finished piece finally in place. I think Jimmy would be proud of it.


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