14-Feb-2016 Out And About

It’s been a busy couple of weeks!

I’m enjoying SKY TV. I’ve been watching a series called Penny Dreadful – a British-American horror drama which draws upon characters from 19th century Irish and British fiction (Dorian Gray, Frankenstein, etc) and have watched all of season 1 and am half way through season 2. It’s very good and the special effects are quite something and the acting, in particular the main character Vanessa Ives played by Eva Green, superb.

Many years ago I lived in in Whitley Bay, from the age of around 2 – 10 years. We lived in 3 different houses in Whitley Bay but spent most time in Beach Avenue and we were very good friends with the Graham family – my best friend was Louise. Well, her brother Christopher is on Facebook and I met up with him and his wife for a cup of coffee and chinwag. It was over 50 years since we’d left Whitley Bay…. my the years roll by so fast.

I played out at Ashington Folk Club on the 4th February at their new venue at the Cricket Club. Nice room and it was good to catch up with people I’d not seen for quite a while. Thanks to the Wrinkly Wroadies for the photo.Val2

Then that weekend I headed southward to visit my sister Fiona and her partner Mick for a few days. She lives near Stafford and then onward to Cambridgeshire to visit my son Richard again. I also met up again with my old work colleague Joyce and this time also met up with Natalie – it was lovely to catch up with them.

When I got home a friend informed me that the jivacoustic blog site wasn’t working – wouldn’t load. She was right – it wouldn’t. I spent 3 hours doing an online chat with the hosting company and eventually managed to get something sorted but it has resulted in having a different look/theme. But I think it looks OK.

And today? A 6 mile walk – Bolam Lake to Shaftoe Crags an easy 6 mile circular walk. It was super despite the muddy ground and also some snow. I’ve joined a walking group – Northumberland Walking Group – who I found through a site called MeetUp.com. It’s certainly not a walk I would, or even could, have done by myself. My sense of direction is appalling at the best of times and walking across muddy fields and turning right and left here and there would have had me quite confused. I suspect my map reading skills would be even worse than my sense of direction! So I met some lovely people and it seems they have walks weekly so that is certainly going to help keep me fit.

Till next time…


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