31-Jan-2016 The Big Question

To blog or not to blog that is the big question.blog_01

Jimmy and I had been blogging every Sunday for years and years so having made the decision at the end of 2015 to stop blogging I’m finding it very odd not doing it. I kinda miss it!

So here I am, and I may well continue after all with a weekly blog. Or if not weekly, well, now and then.

So what of 2016 so far. I’ve been busy. At the start of January I was called in at very short notice to do some secretarial temping. I’ve been doing very occasional temping for a firm of solicitors in Morpeth for a number of years and one of the secretaries had called in sick.  It was quite nice to get back to it – with Jimmy’s illness I hadn’t done any last year.

I’ve met up with friends, been out for a meal, been to a couple of exercise classes – one of them was called Clubbercise! You’d think I’d know better – way too energetic and as for the music, well… LOUD and awful. The other one was called Agewell aimed at the slightly more mature person. It was less strenuous but not sure the music was that much better. But you know, thinking about it, I’m not sure exercise classes are really my thing – I think I’ll just stick to walking. Just need the weather to get more reliable and better. So maybe I need to find a walking club.

Anthony John, Julia and their friends (and mine) Chris and Frank came to stay for a night. While AJ and Frank went to the Newcastle Utd match and we went off to the cinema in Cramlington to see Danish Girl. What a good film… made me cry. I’ve also been up to AJ’s for a few days. We always have an AGM in January (I do his website) to discuss things. Generally there’s a fair amount of wine involved too and I can confirm that this time was no exception! Very enjoyable.

And I have had SKY TV installed… I find I’m watching a fair bit more television than I used to and as my son keeps telling me about some good programmes on Sky Atlantic I thought OK OK I’ll get SKY. So I’ve been downloading some of the box sets and it’s good!

I’ve also been attending a singing group at The Sage but I’m not convinced it’s really what I am after so may put a lid on that one. But I guess you have to try things. I am playing my guitar daily and I am managing to put together a solo repertoire… so watch out I may turn up at your club someday soon!

Also this month I received a called from St Oswalds Hospice, where we had been going for our complementary therapy, and out of that was invited in to chat with a Bereavement Counsellor. Hhhmm I thought do I want to do that and decided there’s probably no harm in it. It was strange going to the hospice without Jimmy, made me quite tearful and talking to the counsellor too made me quite tearful but I’m glad I went. They are starting up a group counselling session in March and I will be invited to attend. I’ll see how I feel when the invite comes. It’s a bit like being between a rock and a hard place, it’s nice to talk to someone who understands but it’s also quite painful to talk about things. But then everything over 2015 just keeps going round and round in my head anyway so talking with others may well provide some relief.

Till next time…


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