13-Dec-2015 Change Is As Good As A Rest?

They tell us that change is as good as a rest. I might just have to dispute that one for this week… my feet have hardly touched the ground.

Last Saturday (5th) my son, Richard, moved into his own rented property. In the past he’s always shared and it soon became apparent he was short of some essentials – cutlery, pots and pans, iron, kettle, toaster and the list just went on and on. So prior to the move, on Black Friday, active purchasing took place and bang went all my Tesco coupons. But all for a good cause and some good savings were made.

A friend helped him move his belongings in on the Saturday and there they stayed until I arrived the following afternoon – he’d had no time to do anything as he was involved with his Sunday football team and then Cambridge United were playing that afternoon.

We opened the door and it looked like a bomb had dropped – everything was dumped in the front room! And so the hard work began of unpacking, sorting where things were to go and that went on for most of the week. And in the evenings more visits to the shops to purchase essentials we hadn’t thought of.

While he was at work during the day it was my job to clean the house – I’m exhausted. Never done so much housework in one go. As for the cooker well, I have never seen anything so bad. Here is a picture of the cloth after I had Mr Muscled 4 times already.2015-12-09 15.41.31

Black, black, black and greasy. But I scrubbed and scrubbed and whilst it’s not quite sparkling it is considerably better.

But it wasn’t all work. On the Tuesday I drove over to Huntingdon (I lived there for 22 years) and met up with an old friend/work colleague, Joyce, at her knit and natter group. I even had my knitting with me to take along. And we knitted but did much more nattering it was lovely to catch up. You wouldn’t think it had been 13 years since we last met.

One of the special things about being able to talk with Joyce was that her husband also died (3 years ago) from cancer and to be able to talk with someone who had been through it all and understood was so helpful. Thank you Joyce.

I came home Friday and have spent the last couple of days catching up with emails, web updates for Allan Taylor and Anthony John Clarke, dealing with my post and chatting with friends.

Maybe time to put my feet up – no way… more of that in next week’s blog!


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