01-Nov-2015 The Fog Has Lifted

Health issues again this week. The medical term for the fluid retention in Jimmy’s abdomen is Ascites and the ascitic drainage procedure was carried out on Monday morning. This went well.  By weird coincidence as Val was waiting for the lift to take her to Jimmy’s ward he was being wheeled along so we were able to go back to the ward together. A relief for both of us.

Some visits from friends helped to keep Jimmy’s spirits up.

We were quite excited on Tuesday morning when Jimmy rang Val to say they were going to let him home that day! But unfortunately our excitement was dashed when it was decided they would like to keep him in for a further night. There were some blood tests which needed doing so that the correct dosage of medication could be calculated. Nurse Val is back to giving Jimmy daily injections but these can be done in the shoulder area and makes things are lot easier.

It’s been a difficult time for us both but that muggy foggy area we were in finally lifted when it was confirmed Jimmy would be discharged on Wednesday. Jimmy’s son Lyndon was there to help, although Jimmy was brought home in an ambulance. For a short while Jimmy sat in the lounge but then it was up the stairs, with Lyndon’s help, to get him safely tucked up in his own bed. There’s nothing quite as comfortable as being in your own bed. Anthony John and Julia came to visit and it was lovely to spend some time with them.2015-09-13 10.55.40

The rest of the week has been taken up with visits from the District Nursing team, a bed bath for Jimmy from the Rapid Response team and both of us just resting and spending some quality time together.

Jimmy is quite weak and not quite fit enough yet to sit up in the study in his chair at the computer but we’re working on it!

Unfortunately the week in hospital has sapped an awful lot of Jimmy’s energy and on top of that the movement in his right arm and hand has, for now, gone. We’re hoping for a visit from the physio this week so let’s hope that brings some positive results and some movement back.

Fingers crossed eh!

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  1. Madeleine

    Hello .So glad to hear Jimmy is home I’m sure you will be gaining strength by resting and will get back to your computer .Thinking of you both xx


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