25-Oct-2015 Oh To Be Home

The whole week has been taken up by health issues. We attended the consultation at The Freeman on Monday morning and the doctor advised he would immediately make arrangements for a scan to be done and would contact us later in the day to let us know when it would be. He telephoned in the afternoon to advise the earliest date would be next Monday (26th) and suggested that the best thing would be for Jimmy to be admitted into the hospital the next day (20th) because once you’re an inpatient the system can work a little quicker. The hope was the scan could by done by Thursday. Despite Jimmy’s intense fear of hospitals, we agreed to this course of action as being the most sensible step forward.

It took till 4:00pm on Tuesday for a bed to be allocated and we headed off to The Freeman, suitcase and all his medication in hand.

And we waited… the scan was done by Friday morning at 8:30am and in the afternoon we were seen by our main Freeman doctor, Professor White. He informed us that unfortunately the cancer is now too advanced to enable them to put a stent in the liver to relieve the jaundice. They will arrange for the excess fluid in Jimmy’s tummy to be drained off as soon as possible and this should make him a little more comfortable.



Their aim (and our hope) is to get Jimmy home as soon as possible… let’s hope that happens soon.

Home is always a much better place to be.

2 thoughts on “25-Oct-2015 Oh To Be Home

  1. Andy

    Hi you two.

    Just to let you know we are thinking about you. Hope Jimmy’s home soon and in a bit more comfort.

    Andy and Catherine


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