18-Oct-2015 Publish And Be Done

websiteWe know that the normal adage is ‘publish and be damned’ but in our case ‘publish and be done’ is much more appropriate. Having now published a new website for Cathryn Craig and Brian Willoughby (www.craigandwilloughby.com) we’ve decided there is nowhere else to go.




When you look after the websites for Allan Taylor, Anthony John Clarke and Cathryn and Brian you couldn’t ask for more… and we certainly are not going to ask for more. This time we really mean it – jiva design is CLOSED for new commissions.

Other than that it’s been a very difficult week with everything being put on hold due to medical circumstances.


Health Update
On Tuesday our Macmillan Nurse, Angela, noticed immediately that Jimmy was looking somewhat jaundiced and decided to try and get in touch with our GP to see what could be done as the jaundice will be poisoning his system. So we have an appointment at the Freeman Hospital on Monday morning for a consultation just to check Jimmy’s condition and work out what happens next – probably an ultra sound scan and then from there they can work out a plan of action which may involve draining the fluid or perhaps insertion of a stent. In the meantime it has been a case of waiting and trying to bear the discomfort as best he can. The slightly better news is that we’ve changed the medication so that Val doesn’t have to inject Jimmy on a daily basis – he’s changed to tablets to help alleviate the condition and the stress involved.

We had to miss our appointment at St Oswalds for the complementary therapy and a potential look around the place from the point of view of inpatient care.

It’s a short blog but there’s really little else to say except we are very concerned that Jimmy’s condition is on the decline and we now have to prepare to face a worsening situation.

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