16-Aug-2015 Happy Anniversary


Six years married. Many people wouldn’t count that as a special year particularly worth commemorating – and we know many who will be celebrating 20s, 30s 40s and more. Good luck to them all and well done and our sincerest congratulations.

When we got married on 12th August 2009 at Taylor Guitars in California we knew that we would probably never make it to diamond or gold or silver anniversaries, we were thrilled to be together again and ready to savour how ever many years that would be allowed to us… we hadn’t bargained on just how few they would be. So this year we celebrated our sixth knowing that it will probably be our last – we’re not moaning, or being melodramatic, we’re just facing the facts. Back in April, when the news of the extent of Jimmy’s cancer was revealed to us we weren’t sure whether we’d still be here together to celebrate the special day this year.

But here we were, and here we still are, being positive and going strong.

We decided it would be nice to visit some local places that are special to us, places that hold particular memories. Of course this was all dependant on whether Jimmy was having a good day, a not so good, or a downright bad day. In the event it was a good day, a very good day, the best we can remember for quite some time.

The day started with a drive to Smiddy Shaw Reservoir where way back in 2002 we walked and watched and wondered what our new future together would bring. Next on the list was a slight detour to HownesGill Viaduct which we cycled and walked over a few times in our years together. We stopped off for a bite to eat at the Derwent Walk Inn, a place we’ve been to numerous times since 2002.

2015-08-12 16.13.15

It was definitely a good day out, reminiscing and smiling (OK, there was the occasional tear… but not many). We walked much further than Jimmy has been able to manage of late, and the fresh air must have given him an appetite (or might it be the steroids he’s now taking?) because we ordered hot roast Ciabattas expecting something snack-sized but what we got was a full-sized main meal in itself with a side salad too. Somehow he managed to scoff the lot, washing it all down with a pint of diet coke. Big smiles all round!

Jimmy took over driving for the journey home and we detoured via Homebase (not that it holds any special fond memories for us) to check out their shower enclosures as we’re planning on replacing the bath with a full walk in shower – the bath is rather a tall step up to get in and it’s becoming increasing difficult. So, we’ve had one company around to check it out and quote, and now Homebase will be the second.

Having had such a brilliant day for our anniversary it was only to be expected that there may be some lesser days to follow – we won’t go into the murky details, but suffice to say that Jimmy needed a little more rest and Val provided lots of TLC, so life is still good, very much so.

Health update

Following an increase in what the professionals call ‘referred pain’ our Macmillan nurse, Angela, suggested we double the dosage of his tablets which mask that sort of pain, and it seems to be working quite well – no more waking up with painful legs and feet when turning over in bed, so that’s a plus.

Also, following a period of almost total loss of appetite and consequent weight loss she also prescribed a short course of steroids which seem to be doing the trick – not only is he managing to pack away meal-sized ciabattas, but we’re both thrilled that at long last he’s able to enjoy Val’s wonderful cooking again (albeit in modest portions). So that’s another plus.

Let’s hope this improvement remains for some considerable time – neither of us are ready to give up… there’s still a lot of living that we want to share while we are able.

2 thoughts on “16-Aug-2015 Happy Anniversary

  1. Marilyn abd Ian

    Thinking of you as we go to the Barrasford Session tonight remembering how you often used to come out to the North Tyne Valley and sing your beautiful songs.
    Thinking of you both.
    M and I

  2. Gloria Melrose

    Hi Val & Jimmy, many congratulations on your wedding anniversary. I’m so pleased you had a lovely day. Rather than e.mailing I thought I would check out your blog and let you know we are all thinking of you here at B & S.

    Just returned from a week’s holiday although we didn’t go anywhere we had a couple of lovely days with the grandkids up the coast. Kris is off this week and most of next so its pretty quiet for me at the moment.

    Hope Jimmy has more good days that bad with the help of the medication and like you say, keep positive.

    Fondest regards


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