09-Aug-2015 There’s Always Chocolate

mm-box1Another week choc-a-block full…

We’re still working hard on a DVD project for Anthony John Clarke, and it was a great pleasure to have Anthony John and Julia stay over on Tuesday night so we could watch the latest draft and inch ever closer to the finished product as new revisions were mulled over and tested out. Jimmy is beavering away at editing the hundreds of clips and transforming it into an hour-long piece. Val is concentrating on the artwork side, designing the double-sided sleeve insert and the disc on-body print. Anthony John and Julia are a pleasure to work with… full of ideas, and very patient while we turn those ideas into reality. Together we make a great team.

We had a home visit from a GP doctor this week – while our normal GP is on holiday he is filling in, and so he came around to say “Hi” and to check that we’re both OK. We also attended St Oswald’s Hospice for the sixth consecutive week for complementary therapy, Jimmy receiving Reiki with Kirsteen and Val Reflexology with Denise. We both feel that we get something out of these sessions and we come away feeling physically and mentally refreshed and relaxed – problem is we can’t just sign up to carry on next week… there’s already a waiting list and they probably won’t be able to schedule us in again until late September.

mm-box2Carol and Steve (Fool’s Gold) popped in on Wednesday afternoon and we had a good natter, a cuppa and some birthday cake. It’s a few weeks since we’ve seen them, so we caught up on the world of acoustic music and gigs and venues and all that kind of stuff… and we still didn’t manage to put the folk world to rights. Guess some things will never change – or, if they do, it will be very slowly.

On Friday Val drove us up to Hebron (Jimmy doesn’t do much driving nowadays) to spend a few hours with Jim and Allyson. We took the remainder of the birthday cake with us and we celebrated with non-alcoholic sparkling apple juice and numerous nibbles and salad and cheese etc – it’s such a shame when friends go to this much trouble that all Jimmy could manage was a piece of cake and a couple of crisps and crackers washed down with a few sips (not even half a glass). But everyone understands that it’s the best he can do.

mm-handIt’s been an interesting week on the postal front – on Wednesday we took delivery of a parcel from France which was about the size of a hatbox. On opening it, inside there was a plastic watertight bag which filled the box. On opening the bag there was a frozen bag (the kind of thing you put in a cooler box) and a smaller box, slightly larger than A5 size and about an inch or so deep. This smaller box had a card band around it emblazoned with the M&Ms logo. On opening this box we discovered a neatly presented see-through bag filled with purple and pink M&Ms – and, on closer examination the sweets had “jiva” on them or our wedding photo in monochrome. How delicious! No card in the box, and no sender name on the outer labelling. Jimmy found a contact mobile telephone number, and Val tracked it down as belonging to her son Richard. When he next phoned we thanked him for such an ingenious present.

On Saturday the postman delivered a beautiful card from a very good friend, our heartfelt thanks to you… you know who you are… and then a few seconds later there was a thud as a parcel squeezed through the letterbox and hit the floor. This one was from Ireland and the outer label gave the description simply as “Goodies” – tearing it open we found three rather large assorted chocolate bars, our favourite flavours too. Many thanks, Marian… hugs to you. We are looking forward to enjoying those… one, they taste wonderful and two, Jimmy’s excuse is that he needs the calories.

Life is good and definitely sweet.

Health update

Jimmy is mostly stable, although he has had a couple of bad days this week when his appetite has almost completely deserted him (and so he’s lost three pounds in weight this week), and on those days he spent most of the time in bed resting.

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