26-Jul-2015 Forty Six Years On

What do you do when you wake up in pain, and the world around you seems filled with uncertainties and many dark shadows?

26-july-purpleWell… if you’re Jimmy, you take your scheduled dose of painkillers, look around you and – even before the painkillers kick in – you smile because the love of your life is right there beside you. Yes, there’s an inevitable sadness in knowing that it can’t be like this for very much longer, but check today’s date.

July 26th. It was forty six years ago to the day that we first met, on opposite sides of the net playing a mixed doubles tennis match.

As Jimmy recalls “It’s a shame we weren’t on the same side, that meant I couldn’t give her a hug at the end of the match… but it did mean I could gaze at this beautiful blonde-haired girl on the other side of the court. And yes, my tennis partner and I did lose that match… I was mesmerised.”

It was over a year later when we first got together (in the meantime Jimmy had gone out with the tennis partner, Val’s best friend Gillian, for a little while). Some time after that we got engaged and then, the year after, Val went to work for the BBC in London leaving Jimmy heartbroken (probably all for the best – in those days Jimmy was insecure and possessive to the point of obsession)…

… and then…

… and then…

… and then… thirty years later, New Years Eve 2001/2002, while looking to re-connect with that best friend of years back on Friends Reunited, she found Jimmy.

Soon we were emailing regularly and speaking every day on the phone. Weeks later we were back together, living in a small flat in Marie Curie Drive in the west end of Newcastle. And the rest is, as they say, history. Thirteen years filled with love, happiness, music, everything that we could possibly want… except longevity. But we’ll settle for those thirteen years over any amount of years of a lesser existence. We’ve experienced more in those thirteen years than most people will ever find no matter how long they live… and we are truly grateful.

Life is good, albeit a little short for some…

Health update

An increase in day to day pain – perhaps the dosage of painkillers may need to be upped, albeit more morphine will probably lead to even more tiredness and loss of concentration. But what will be will be – and reduction/relief from pain has to be a prime consideration.

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  1. Kay De 'Ath

    Dear Jimmy and Val, the love between you two has always shone out and, if anything, is even more noticeable during these days. Sending you both the biggest hugs you can cope with at the moment. You make me thankful. Thank you. x


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