21-Jun-2015 Icing On The Cake

Well, the new TV is installed – but we’ve been so busy we’ve not had much time to watch it… though we have played about with some of the bells and whistles and can report that it’s all good stuff. Not only does it give a brilliant 50-inch picture but it also has an internet browser, a media player for videos and photos via USB, but we can also stream our entire mp3 music collection (downloads – legal and paid for – as well as our entire CD collection ripped to mp3) from mobile devices via the Amazon importer and player.

And the new induction hob has at last been installed in the kitchen. After delivery delays and inability of Curry’s KnowHow team to do the installation our new-found favourite electrician came to the rescue – new wiring, floorboards up and a new switch and junction box too. And Val loves it!

We’ve also been out visiting, catching up with friends… sharing stories and reminiscences, and even playing “The Chief” (Val’s old Taylor 810CE Guitar) now under the proud ownership of John Jeffrey having previously been bought from us by Fool’s Gold.

And we’ve had the pleasure of the company of Anthony John Clarke, his wife Julia, and Elizabeth van de Waal. It’s been great to chill out, share some laughs, and talk through some serious issues. We also took the opportunity to revisit Anthony John’s DVD project, do some more filming and audio recording, and have a whale of a time doing it.

icing-on-my-cakeTheir visit culminated in Anthony John and Elizabeth van de Waal at The Davy Lamp Folk Club in Washington last night. What a superb night. Not only did they perform some of Anthony John’s well known songs but there were also songs from his new CD “Beyond Karaoke”. The icing on the cake? Anthony John performing for the first time a song which was written by Jimmy a few years ago, but never added to our repertoire – “Road Song”. It was wonderful, and brought a few tears to our eyes. And the second layer of icing on the cake? Anthony John finishing his second set with our “One More Song”.

To hear the whole audience joining in had us crying again! An evening we won’t easily forget.

Health update:

Not much to report this week, except another visit from our Macmillan nurse, with more decisions to be made for the months ahead and some appointments scheduled for next week.

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