07-Jun-2015 Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring

What? It’s been a whole week since the last blog? Surely not… it doesn’t feel as though we’ve done very much, and yet another seven days have gone by. Mind you, it’s not been without its highlights courtesy of lovely friends.

IMG_1739IMG_1740When a small, lightweight parcel arrives from Taylor Guitars you can’t help but wonder what on earth could be inside. We certainly wondered, but we would never have guessed. There inside, lovingly protected with layers of bubble wrap, was the top from a Baby Taylor guitar (y’know, the front of the guitar, the bit with the soundhole cut out of it) – and it was emblazoned with the jiva logo. Oh my! How fabulous is that… but wait… on turning it over we found it was signed with lots of best wishes messages from people at Taylor! As Chalise said in the accompanying card “If you couldn’t make it back to the factory, we wanted to send a piece of the factory to you”. A special, personalised gift from a special person at a special company.

And when George Welch paints a custom Dennis (elephant/eelfont) picture you know you’re in for a treat. It will take centre stage on a dining room wall sandwiched between two canvas prints fom our 2009 wedding at Taylor Guitars.

And then there’s “One More Song“… that song is such a gift. It’s something that Jimmy had wanted to write for 30 years, but somehow never quite managed. The inspiration of being back together with Val made it happen, and we are thankful that it did. It is simple and yet profound and has touched many people. It has been performed and recorded by others – amateur, semi-professional and professional alike and is listened to and joined in with up and down the country and in foreign lands too. This past week has been such a thrill on that front – hearing (via mobile phone) Anthony John Clarke closing his set in Denmark with it, and then speaking to someone at the concert who just had to tell us how much the song means to so many people is so wonderful, it’s unreal. And then watching the live stream of Southwell Folk Festival with Anthony John and Julia onstage closing the set with the song was unbelievable – and again, Julia phoning us so some festival-goers could tell us how much they love the song… well, what can you say except thank you, thank you, thank you.

Health update:

Visit from a Macmillan Nurse, very helpful and informative on aspects such as chemotherapy, day care, end of life care, hospices, complementary therapies, prescriptions, pain control, benefits – in fact anything. And if she doesn’t have the answer she’ll find out and put us in touch with those that do.

Further appointment scheduled with oncology specialist and an opportunity to see the day care centre and talk to the staff to help us in our decision making.

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