19-Apr-2015 No Going Back

2015-04-18 14.40.37You win some, you lose some… isn’t that the way the saying goes? Well the one we ‘won’ this week was a performance at a care home new to us, and the one we ‘lost’ was a care home performance that we had to cancel due to Jimmy being unwell through severe lack of sleep over three consecutive days. By the time the week-end came things had improved to the extent that we were able to make a brief sojourn to the north west to play two booked gigs. The first was an evening of music organised by Anthony John Clarke in the wonderful St Laurence Church, Frodsham. It was a smashing night with an eclectic mix of styles and genres, and an attentive and appreciative audience. The following day we played at one of our favourite regular care homes – it was lovely to meet the ladies again, swap some news, play some music, and everyone had a good time, so gentle and relaxing. We said our goodbyes then pointed the car towards home and headed off at a very gentle and reflective pace.

There comes a time when you realise what’s important in life and what is, in the big scheme of things, less important. To us, music continues to be a mainstay in who we are and what we do – but recently we’ve been reminded how fortunate we are to have good friends and family, people we care about and people who care about us.

After numerous doctor visits, tests, scans and consultant appointments we’ve had confirmation that Jimmy’s health issues are more serious than was first thought. To put that in plain English, Jimmy has cancer – we don’t yet know how serious or how far advanced it is – there are more tests to be done in the next few weeks. This is a huge blow and we’re fearing the worst while hoping for the best. Through our initial shock at the news friends and family have been very supportive and we cannot adequately express our gratitude for the phone calls and messages that have helped us to get through so far.

After sharing the news with friends and family we decided another priority should be to flag up potential issues to people whose websites we design and maintain and also current recording projects. Not scare-mongering, just alerting them to the likelihood that we may not be in a position to give the timely service, advice and full attention that has been the hallmark of jiva design and jiva media.

We’re continuing with our scheduled performances as far as possible but, for now, we’re not actively pursuing new bookings – we cannot in all honesty accept new bookings until we have an idea of what tests and treatment may be necessary and when that may be.

Now we just have to wait… wait for appointments to be made… wait for tests to be done… wait for the results… wait for consultations regarding treatment… wait for whatever treatment is agreed to be done… wait for the outcome… and waiting is not easy.

One thing is for sure, there will be no going back to exactly how things were before.

Future blogs may well provide brief updates on the medical issues, but it won’t be the main thrust… such updates will appear towards the end of the blog, so the faint hearted or squeamish need not read right to the bottom.

Life is good, but in slow motion at the moment.


2 thoughts on “19-Apr-2015 No Going Back

  1. Caroline Bushby

    Dear Jimmy and Val,
    I just wanted to say how very sorry John and I are to hear the news regarding Jimmy’s state of health. I know there’s probably nothing we can do to help, but if there is then give us a ‘Hoy!’ and we’ll do what we can. Whatever the future brings, know that our thoughts and good wishes are with you. I’m sure your loving relationship will sustain you in the time to come, and we hope everything goes as smoothly as possible for you.
    With our very best wishes,
    Caroline and John

    1. jivauk Post author

      Many many thanks for your message. It is difficult to adequately express our gratitude for messages such as yours that are helping us through this difficult time. It is heartwarming to receive offers of help even though, in reality, we know that there is nothing we could ask for other than much needed good wishes and kind supportive words.


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