15-Mar-2015 What’s Past Is Past

They say things come in threes – well, this past week has shown this to be true… rewind to two previous items from recent weeks… uncharacteristically, we decided that enough was enough with regards to the Singing and Vocal Coaching course we’d been attending; and also we managed to return Jimmy’s ill-fated desktop PC after much frustration with its reliability.

swap-ne-smallThis week brought about another passing… after much consideration we decided to wind up the Song Writers And Performers – North East group (SWAP-NE). Following a successful songwriting symposium in August 2013 we set up the group to aid and encourage development in songwriting and performing for all levels from novice to experienced. After almost two years we felt that it wasn’t offering enough to keep everyone interested/committed, and dwindling attendance following the turning of the year (2015) meant it really wasn’t viable to continue.

We’d like to go on record in thanking everyone for their support – read the SWAP-NE blog www.swap-ne.co.uk/2015/03/fond-farewell/ for more detail and also the comments from members… it’s humbling and comforting to know that SWAP-NE was enjoyable and of benefit, but we know in our hearts that we made the right decision.

On a lighter note there’ve been a couple of other past items – a band reunion and a visit to our old stamping ground where romance blossomed.

Figurines 01After The Bomb was a concept prog rock album recorded by Xonique in 1979/1980. The band was Paul (keyboards, electronics, vocals), Richard (electric guitar, bass guitar, acoustic guitar and vocals), and Jimmy (drums, acoustic guitar and vocals) – we liked to think that we were the local answer to Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. Heady days, youthful dreamers learning the craft. Paul, Richard, Jimmy and Val met up at a local Chinese restauarant for a very satisfying meal before heading back to the jiva Blue Room to record an interview about the album and the band… coming to a podcast near you soon once the mixing and jiva magic dust has been applied.

The Parish Hall in Prudhoe holds many happy memories for us – we used to run the church youth club tuck shop, we played table tennis there (staging a 24-hour playathon to raise funds), Jimmy even cut his teeth as a drummer with his kit up there on the stage performing in various different line-ups…. wind forward 45 years and jiva played two gigs for the 2014 Prudhoe Arts Week (one in the Tory Club and one in the Fuse), and we’ve been invited back for 2015 to play at the festival in May and also at a fundraiser event on 24th April at the Glenside and have attended a couple of committee meetings too. Well, can you imagine our delight when an email popped into our inbox announcing the next meeting was to be at the very same Parish Hall… how could we resist? Not at all.

The stage is no longer there – it’s now the meeting room, so it was fitting for our nostalgic trip down memory lane.

What’s past is past, but there are happy memories – life is too short to dwell on the negatives…
life is good and, in the end, all things must pass.


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