25-Jan-2015 A Different Course

No, no… we’ve not decided to desert the gentle blend of acoustic instruments and vocal harmony that is quintessentially jiva… we’re not moving to being a classic covers band… we’re not about to switch from Taylor guitars, Kala ukuleles, Bose and AER sound systems, Elixir strings, the colour purple… no, not a bit of it.

directionHaving duly completed our songwriting course at Newcastle College and submitted our respective separate portfolios (yes, we both write separately and together) we’ve now embarked on a different course – Singing and Vocal Coaching. Again it’s a Tuesday evening class, so apologies to any Tuesday folk clubs/venues that might have liked us to play… maybe the second half of the year or, who knows, we might even enrol for something else.

There’s always something new to learn, and those who say they know it all and have nothing else to learn are only fooling themselves.

Jimmy is currently learning (and RE-learning) the frustration of a computer that just won’t play according to the rules… everything seems as it should be, all the bits are connected correctly, hardware and software all checked out, settings checked and double-checked, system updates all in order, anti-virus and malware scans report nothing to worry about. And yet, the danged thing still insists on freezing every now and then… unfortunately, more now than then!

But, we do like new Gear – so Watch this space!

Life is good, and always different.

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