11-Jan-2015 Cobblers

Where did that saying originate? Y’know, the one that goes something like

“The cobbler’s children have no shoes”

It’s a way of showing how some people give so much time and energy to doing things for others (whether it be professionally or as friends) that they never seem to have time to devote to benefitting themselves from their own skills and interests. We see it in many walks of life – the painter and decorator whose hallway could do with a lick of paint, the builder whose garage extension never seems to get finished, the dressmaker who has nothing to wear for a social engagement, the accountant whose tax returns are late… the list goes on and on. And to a great extent we’re guilty of this too:

  • When was the last time we put in some serious and consistent time in recording for our next album? Hmmm…
  • When was the last time we took a long hard look at our use of technology, and gave serious thought to planning a long term strategy? Hmmm…
  • When was the last time we refreshed our websites? Any of them? Funny you should ask, because that’s what we’ve just done – at least with one of them.

monitor-jdlogoOur jiva design website hasn’t really had a refresh since 2011 – it had become unwieldy and complex with too many¬†options for navigating around, and it wasn’t exactly intuitive. We felt that it lacked the simplicity of a streamlined design, and it needed to be less blingy and more focused on the content rather than the pzazz of presentation.

We’ve been thinking about re-designing the site for at least two years, probably three, but somehow never found the time to devote to it. It wasn’t so much a New Year’s Resolution – it was more of a Just Do It… make a start, take the first step to at least commit to doing more than gazing wistfully at the screen, list the things that are pleasing about the current site and (more importantly) the things that aren’t, fire up the graphics software, do a mock-up, get down to coding a single page, try it on various browsers, look at it on mobile phones and tablets, and – if it works – find time to do the rest of it. Oh yes, and definitely do not fall foul of the “I’ve got a colour printer” syndrome.

What is “I’ve got a colour printer” syndrome? That’s for another blog, another time…

monitor-jdhomeSo we started on a minimalist home page with only a couple of graphics to break up the text and simple navigation choices – Home, Portfolio and Clients.

Next came the decision on what should be in the portfolio, and how to display it.

Then a simple clientele list.

And at this point we realised why the cobbler’s children have no shoes – life is good, very very good, and we are very very fortunate indeed.

One shoe done, but shoes come in pairs – so next will be the jiva media site for audio and video projects, media conversion and restoration etc… and we’ll follow the same ideas for jiva design, consistency across both sites is a must.

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