23-Nov-2014 Situation Normal


Having reported a non-working phone line… it has magically righted itself. Strange, but good…

Strange in that we’ve not changed anything, fiddled with sockets or plugs or cables or any such stuff – it may be that since we logged the fault BT may well have been doing something somewhere and found a fault and fixed it. We’re not complaining – far from it… indeed we’re really pleased.

Good? Why good? Well, apart from the obvious relief that communications with the outside world have been restored, the timing couldn’t have been better. The day after we cancelled the scheduled engineer visit we got a call asking if we could do a short notice booking and, as luck or chance or happenstance would have it, it turns out that they wanted us the very afternoon that BT were to have come a-calling! We’re already booked to play for them in December at their Christmas do, but could we possibly squeeze this one in too? Yes indeed, we could and we did.

We count ourselves very fortunate to be able to go out performing as often as we do. It’s wonderful to see smiling faces, and tapping feet and some dancing too – and we usually have a good chat and maybe share a reminiscence or two over a cup of tea and a biscuit… a good time had by all. The government and health services keep telling us that five portions of fruit and vegetables per day are “good for us” – well, we can honestly say five portions of jiva shows per week are even better!

So, five care home performances, an evening class at college (with very time-consuming homework to do as well), a website design makeover, long-distance international web design and tech tuition, and an evening meal with Jimmy’s son meant that we were ultra busy – situation normal then.

Having been out of sorts for quite some time, we’re pleased that things are getting back in the jiva groove… and, on the subject of groove, the coursework for the Newcastle College songwriting course has pushed us into writing outside our normal parameters – with some surprising and interesting results, some good enough to keep while others are best left to decay on the shelf as a tick in the box for “Yep, completed that assignment – phew!”. We’ll probably be giving exclusive previews of some of them here on the blog, so be afraid… be very afraid.

Situation normal, life is good… not a SNAFU in sight.

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