09-Nov-2014 Lighten Up

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow, chill out, call it what you will… in short, lighten up.

Avid readers and jiva afficionados will recall that, since September, we’ve been attending classes at Newcastle College – following the demise of the Vocal Coaching class after only one week we’re now both doing Songwriting. It’s been quite an education (pun intended) and we’ve been involved in class collaboration, writing to a title, ghost song writing and writing for other people… that’s a lot to pack in, particularly when the work has to be done to very tight deadlines. Add to that the pressure of fitting homework around a heavy gigging schedule and heavy colds and man flu and you can appreciate why we’re feeling exhausted… exhausted but somewhat exhilarated too.

Y’see, we’ve found ourselves doing stuff that’s outside what you might expect of jiva – there are new songs with titles such as:

  • The Answer Is Yes
  • No More No More
  • Finding Your Way
  • This Life Will Be The Death Of Me
  • I Wanna Be Free
  • Taking A Bath
  • Past Times
  • It Might Never Happen
  • Feel The Pain
  • TV
  • The Bevin Boys
  • Killing The Music – Lighten Up

Although at the start we would never have thought so, some of them will find their way into the live set and also onto an album! Here’s the latest example:

We may well preview other tracks exclusively in future editions of the blog prior to official full recording and release.

Life is… what it is… lighten up.

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