02-Nov-2014 Solitary Confinement

Taking a look back at the jiva diary for last week we see… nothing… absolutely, nothing. It all started with Jimmy’s man flu the week before, and Val was struck down a few days later – we’ve both started on the road to recovery but, like a double dip recession, we’ve fallen back again. So we’ve kept ourselves to ourselves, alternating between bursts of computer activity, a little bit of songwriting, some attempts at trying out our voices, and lots of rest.

We did manage one trip out – we had to do the weekly Tesco shop, so ventured into Newcastle on the way. That was mostly uninspiring with most shops and streets heaving with hordes of people – but we did squeeze in a visit to GuitarGuitar to thank them for their invitation to a Taylor Guitars Roadshow (which, unfortunately, we had to miss!). We asked whether anything special/new had come up at the event, but there was nothing that took our fancy… except… except… a hollowbody Cocobolo T5. What a beautiful guitar – Val spent more time playing it than Jimmy did (that must be a first) but, as we don’t have £4,000 just hanging around, common sense prevailed. At least for now.

Life is goo…


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