19-Oct-2014 Man Flu

What a super week we’ve had – 5 care home performances, one offering an immediate re-booking for December, and a few days away performing in the North West (it’s becoming like a second home for us).

We also managed to fit in a visit to Gregson Lane Folk Club to see Anthony John Clarke (he was superb) and a visit to Ireleth Temperance Hall to see Brian Willoughby and Cathryn Craig (they were superb).

manflu1Unfortunately by Sunday morning Jimmy had come down with an absolute stinker of a cold (Man Flu ?), so we had to postpone our intended care home performance for that day (we hate letting people down, and postponing is not something we do lightly, but we don’t want to pass on any of his germs) and now we’re safely back home. Hopefully he’ll be better soon as we have more performances scheduled for next week, a college evening class, more work to be done changing over his computer, websites to design, video and audio mixes to complete, and all the usual stuff that makes up the life of jiva.

Life is good, but a bit snotty at the moment.

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