31-Aug-2014 Deja Vu

Answers to last week’s question (no one got it right): Evernote and Riffstation (two of our must-have, most-useful programs/apps).

You know the saying, “Out with the old, in with the new” – we do quite a lot of in with the new, but not so much out with the old. And so, this week has seen us balancing things with more out with the old. A 32″ Panasonic TV, a Pioneer DVD player and a Roberts radio/alarm clock will be transported to our local municipal waste management and recycling centre (colloquially known as ‘the dump’). However, the TV has been replaced with a 24″ TV/monitor that will be the central display device for our media conversion centre – huh? What’s that?

We are often commissioned to design websites, songbooks, posters, make videos, record albums, fix PCs, printers, tablets, home networks and all manner of stuff… we have a reputation for being techno-geeks – and so we get quite a number of requests to salvage, convert and/or repair old media. In the past this has been pretty much one-off ad-hoc connecting old bits of kit temporarily to achieve the desired result. The past week has seen us moving kit around and re-assembling it in a more permanent and easily accessible way. This has meant throwing out some old gear, bringing some of the spare gear out of retirement and even buying some new stuff (hence the 24″ TV/monitor).

mult-remoteAt the centre of it all is Jimmy’s 15 year old Yamaha RX-V1000RDS A/V receiver which has more than enough inputs to cope with audio from many different analogue and digital sources, playing it out to a couple of fine Mission floor-standing speakers as well as routing it to a PC/Netbook to create a digital copy. Cassette, vinyl and mini-disc players are all hooked in as inputs. Add to that VHS conversion to hard disc and DVD and throw in a Blu-Ray player for leisure playback of CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays and you get the picture (unintentional pun, but it worked… sort of) of our dining room setup. And the picture? Well, we needed a reasonable-sized display which can handle numerous inputs and the one we bought has sockets for PC, SCART, Component and HDMI so we can keep everything permnently connected.

Of course, this brings with it a veritable plethora of remotes (6 at the last count)… but, but, but… technology to the rescue. We’re having fun merging the commands into a multi-remote for use on our phones (and Note tablets too!).

Reminder to self: Rest occasionally, lie down, sleep.

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