10-Aug-2014 Time And Time Again

It’s been a techno-centric week, filled with all manner of stuff related to gadgetry, apps, security, reminders, productivity and all such stuff. It’s all too easy to become consumed by the technology – how so? Well… let’s see…

There are never enough hours in the day to get everything done, and some things inevitably end up at the back of the queue (and keep getting pushed further and further behind schedule) – the more often this happens the more likely it will become routine to overlook these items. Sometimes this results in an important item/opportunity being missed or maybe rearing it’s head as suddenly urgent when the realisation sinks in that it really must must must be done, and NOW (which, in turn, moves everything else further back in the queue!).

time-management-mind-mapSo, what to do? How about getting organised? And how best to do that? Post-It notes? Scraps of paper? Notebooks? Diary? Wallchart? Personal Organiser (paper or electronic)? How about using technology – after all, isn’t technology meant to help us be more productive, get more done, etc? That’s the theory – but often the reality is that we don’t get more done, but we do get more busy. It’s not so much that using technology to be organised consumes more time than we save, it’s the seemingly never-ending cycle of discovering different ways of keeping track and prioritising… and the nagging thought that maybe the newly-discovered method might be slightly better than how things were done before. In order to find out, you have to try out the new method, and that takes time to learn and perfect, which in turn means that the time previously reserved for doing has been spent in experimenting.

Where are we going with all of this? Good question! Having settled on what we currently think will be the best way, Jimmy promises to try and not discover ‘the next best thing’ – at least not until we get properly organised with how we intend to organise and prioritise. In the meantime must get this into Evernote… synchronise it across PCs and tablets and phones… port it to Life Reminders… share with Awesome Note HD Calendar… synchronise with DropBox… add to backup schedule… post on jivacoustic blog site… publicise on Facebook ‘band’ page… share on Facebook personal timeline… share on Twitter… stream to jiva website… update reminder for next week’s blog so we can do it all again.

Crikey! I need a lie down… let me check the diary and see if there’s a vacant slot… nope, no time for rest or sleep.


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