06-Jul-2014 A Flea On The Dog

Life is short, the world will carry on without us – in the grand scheme of things we are all insignificant… so let’s not beat ourselves up with what we have or haven’t done and what we may or may not have achieved. Rather, let’s be realistic with our expectations of others and also our expectations of ourselves.

Ouch! That all sounds philosphical and foreboding but, in reality, it’s not.

HourglassTime: There are only 60 minutes in each hour, and there are only 24 hours in each day, 7 days in each week and 52 weeks (plus 2 or 3 days) per year. We each have a finite amount of time on this Earth and are therefore limited in how much we can cram into that lifespan. Every minute spent doing one thing means there is less time available for other things – time lost or wasted cannot be recovered… to try and catch up on what you missed (or what you didn’t do) means taking that time from something else and, remember, there is a limited amount of time – and, importantly, the time available grows less every day, every hour, every minute.

When you get to the stage where you realise that there’s less time left than the time you’ve already had, you may well start to reflect on how best to use the remainder – that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a To Do list (or a Bucket List) but don’t get too hung up on forward planning every little detail, otherwise you’ll have even less time left for the actual doing and living and sharing and enjoying.

Rather, sketch out the things that are important to you and your loved ones… put those things at the top of your To Do list, and regularly spend time on them. It’s liberating to think this way, and it’s exhilarating to actually do it.

Must stop now… I’m going to dust off that guitar tutor book.

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