22-Jun-2014 Home From Home

It really doesn’t get much better than this.

Having spent a relaxing first half of our time in Ireland enjoying the countryside, the walking and three lovely jiva performances (one in Skibbereen and two in Clonakilty) we bade farewell to Ballymacrown Homestead and headed off for stage two.

Driving through beautiful landscapes and breathtaking coastal views we were, unlike many impatient idiots, totally unperturbed by slow-moving farm traffic and a cycle race or two and even the occasional herd of cows was fun. The closer we got to Dingle, the more everything felt good… no, it was more than good, it was just right somehow.

2014-06-21 16.52.27And as we pulled up at Emlagh Lodge, right on the water’s edge, it was like home from home… just as we remembered it from 2003. Maggie greeted us like long lost friends and announced “I’ve got you a gig at the local day centre for Monday. Is that all right? They’re really looking forward to seeing you.” All right? All right? Blooming marvellous!

So far we’ve sampled some smashing pub/restaurant meals, some of the Guinness (Jimmy even enjoyed a pint of the black stuff – and he’s not really a beer drinker), and the biggest and tastiest ice creams you can imagine.

2014-06-21 19.22.40Life is good, to be sure, it really is.


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