15-Jun-2014 Afternoon Tea In Baltimore

All quiet on the music front – steady as she goes.

The week began quietly enough, Val familiarising herself with her new Note 8 and – in particular – the newly purchased TomTom navigation app. Having moved from TomTom to Garmin devices a few years ago (they had bigger screens and more storage capacity back then), when we fired up the app it was like welcoming back an old friend.

Monday brought the arrival of Jimmy’s latest piece of tech gadgetry… well, almost. We had alerted DPD to deliver to a neighbour, but the neighbour told us there had been no attempt to deliver and all the while DPD maintained there had been no answer…  On Tuesday, at the second attempt, the package was duly handed over and is actually being used to write this blog. Daytime Wednesday was spent doing some last minute shopping and the evening was taken up with catching up on chores and items on our To Do list.

And so, waking at a very early hour on Thursday, we packed the car – going on holiday would necessitate only fairly light packing but, as we have a number of performances booked, we’ve brought along guitars, ukuleles, U-Bass, glockenspiel, harmonica, cowbell and PA gear etc… it’s amazing just how much will fit into a Honda Jazz with careful planning. Serena (the computerised voice of TomTom) has successfully guided us to Cairnryan, Waterford, Tramore,  Dungarvan, Skibbereen,  and Ballymacrown. wpid-thumb_afternoon-tea-in-warwickshire.jpeg.jpegBut we headed off on foot without navigational aid to Baltimore where we enjoyed a sumptuous cream tea before walking the 60 minutes back to Ballymacrown.

The weather is wonderful,  the scenery is stunning… what more could anyone wish?

Well maybe, just maybe…

…Superfast fibre broadband… Apologies if the blog took a while to upload!

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