04-May-2014 The Rest Is History

Last week began with a visit to Grimsby based Lincolnshire Songwriting Group run by Helen Bennett and Ian Maver – wow, what an eclectic mix! Poetry, acoustic guitar songs, piano/keyboard, harmonica, electric rock style distortion guitar, ambient soundcrafting with spoken word (and a scary mask thrown in for good measure too). Everyone made us so welcome, and we even got to sample the cake brought in honour of the group’s 4th anniversary. It’s quite something to see/hear the different interpretations on the theme set at the previous month’s meeting. Keep up the good work, Helen and Ian – you have a dedicated membership… well deserved.

Then we had three more care home performances, including a birthday celebration – happy 90th, Muriel. Glad you enjoyed the music, hope we can dance like that when we’re 90… not much chance of that, Jimmy can’t dance to start with! We also had an initial meeting with potential clients for a web design refresh project, so work is now gearing up on producing mock-ups for comment and consideration. And we continue apace with video editing for the DVD project. We even found time to add a little sampler/player to our website home page (head off to www.jiva.co.uk for a look/listen) – seems simple enough? Oh no… it had to work across the major browsers and on various mobile platforms too… so there was a fair amount of behind the scenes work in research, coding, testing, numerous reiterations with various options to try until we had a version that ticked the majority of boxes.

Writing figured again towards the end of the week as we headed off to host/facilitate meeting number 7 of our local songwriting group – SWAP-NE – where Fool’s Gold were PResenting a PResentation on PResentation. Thanks go to Steve – complete with projector, handouts, Post-Its (and sweeties), he questioned, answered, challenged, and even let us peer into the FG gig bag – well done! Much appreciated.

For now, we’re back at the computers… work work work (275GB and counting), next up is timeout for play.

Write Play Play Work Work Write Play Work – that pretty much sums up our week… anything missing?


REST, that’s what – but we wouldn’t change a thing… as they say “The rest is history

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