20-Apr-2014 A Different Picture

After the hustle and bustle of a week ‘on location’ filming, this week has been relatively quiet – a lot of it spent transferring audio and video recordings from three video cameras and three digital recorders to our home systems and making a start with some of the initial editing… quieter maybe, but no less busy. Add to that three care home performances, a trip to the Davy Lamp Folk Club to see Cathryn Craig & Brian Willoughby, some initial design work on a new website, and finalising one of our own video projects (see below) that’s been developing over the past few months – phew!

The inspiration for the song was our 2013 return trip to America – we started it while in San Diego and finished writing the following month at home. Due to performing and project commission commitments it was difficult to set aside time to make a good recording and then craft a video for it, but we gradually managed to get there. Hope you like it!

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For those unable to see the embedded video above, here’s the link:


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