06-Apr-2014 Going Up Down And Out

Steve and Kristi departed from Blyth last Monday morning en route for their final UK gigs – one in Leicester the other in Dunfermline and they are now safely back in the USA. It’s been good to catch up with them again.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday found us performing at three care homes (Alnwick, Cramlington and Houghton-le-Spring) followed by the 6th meeting of SWAP-NE (Song Writers And Performers – North East). As mentioned last week we had a cardboard box amnesty on Saturday, flattening numerous boxes, loading them into the car along with the polystyrene packing inserts and our cache of empty bottles and glass jars before heading off to the local recycling centre (affectionately referred to as “the dump”). Rock ‘n’ Roll, eh!

Having taken some control over the clutter we now need to turn our attention back to our health diet/exercise regime… our plans on that front have suffered somewhat in the first quarter of the year and we find we’re heading in an upward spiral rather than the downward trend we’ve established over the past 18 months. We’re still aiming to lose a few pounds and then stabilise at our respective target weights so we need to take care to not eat the things we know put weight on and get back into our daily walking routine (the evening walk after dinner seems the most beneficial one).

Another hectic, very interesting and fun week is in prospect – we’re off to Manchester, Liverpool, Widnes, Chipping Norton, Derby and Barnsley to do lots of filming for the DVD project. More website work may be coming soon – in the past few days we’ve been approached regarding two potential commissions, and we’ll be arranging meetings to discuss next steps.

Life is good, life is full and – unlike the cardboard boxes – certainly anything but flat!

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