23-Mar-2014 Everything All The Time

And so another week has flown by – another week filled with care home performances which have brought smiles to residents, staff and to us… to see a lovely lady happily dancing to jiva, literally twirling around the floor using her wheeled walking frame for support was absolutely delightful, humbling, mesmerising and exhilarating.

We visited the Foggy Furze Folk Club with Steve & Kristi for their guest night there on Tuesday – it’s incredible to think that it’s over a year since we last sang there! We’ve been so very busy that there are many folk clubs we’ve not been to for the last year or so – perhaps it’s time to say hello again… of course, that’s always assuming that the grand old master that is time allows us some leeway now and then.

It will probably be the end of April before we come up for air – projects are eventually coming to fruition (eg, work on Maurice’s album is complete and he now has the master discs – 2 copies), but for every finished task, there seems to be at least one more added. If it’s true that there’s no rest for the wicked, then we must have been really bad in a previous life… r e a l l y  R E A L L Y  bad!

But in this life we’re good… r e a l l y  R E A L L Y  good.

Today we have an afternoon performance in Seaham followed by a quick dash home for a bite to eat before heading off to a singers night at South Shields Folk Club. This is another club we’ve not been to in a long time (would you believe 2011?) and Steve & Kristi have never visited the club in all their years of of coming over to the UK. Monday is the only day next week with nothing planned in the diary… Tuesday we’re off to the Cutty Wren Folk Club (2012 anyone?) to see Cathryn Craig & Brian Willoughby and sing a song or two too. Wednesday we say goodbye to Steve & Kristi as they head off to Scotland for a few days before flying home – we’re playing in the afternoon in Hebburn, and just this morning we added a Wednesday evening housecall for digital Jimmy. Thursday and Friday have us doing two more care home performances while Saturday will see us hauling our Bose L1 Model 2 system to the Comrades Club in Whitlay Bay – John had invited us to perform at his birthday bash and also asked us to do sound for the whole evening. In order to give full, attentive and undivided attention, best sound for everyone else and running/MC-ing the night we stepped down from performing. Heck, we’ve even splashed out on some new gear which will have its first public outing that evening – naturally, we’ve spent considerable time researching before purchasing and have fully tested everything set up at home to ensure maximum enjoyment for everyone on Saturday. And Sunday (Mothers Day) we’re off to a care home in the West End of Newcastle.

The following week will bring us into April with no let up in the hectic pace. As the Eagles sang:

Life in the fast lane
Everything, all the time

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