24-Feb-2014 Late Again

This is becoming a habit – and we must apologise to avid followers whose Sunday would not be complete without the jivacoustic jiva blog… but it’s been another one of those crazy weeks where time has raced by while we furiously try to keep up with what we’re doing, what we’re supposed to be doing, what we’ve been asked to do, and what emergencies people trust to us to fix at a moment’s notice. Not that we’re complaining, far from it.

We’ve been performing in Gateshead, Durham and Hexham. We took a drive up to the Scottish Borders so digital Jimmy could work his magic on a broken PC (yes, it all works fine now), and spent some amazing musical time working on ‘Road Song’ (a song which was written in 2012, but which has sat gathering dust until recently, and is rapidly becoming a favourite song and a definite candidate for performance repertoire and recording). We had a very long day on Saturday, setting off at 2 pm for Upper Poppleton (near York) to see Anthony John Clarke at Poppleton Live – this was our first visit to this venue, run by John Watterson aka Fake Thackray… the place was packed and it was a grand night. We finally arrived home in the early hours and flopped into bed at around 5 am. Sunday morning brought more telephone troubleshooting of PC, two smartphones and two tablets (and yes, that all seems to be sorted now too).

Just when we were about to get to grips with the blog, some good friends arrived for a very welcome visit and we had an exceptionally enjoyable and creative couple of days absolutely brimming over with music… concentrating exclusively on jiva material. It was an incredible way to experience our songs with a different slant and a new way of working for us… totally inspirational and liberating. We’re looking forward to carrying on the good work and making the most of every available opportunity to let the music in and get the ideas flowing.

Now it’s head down again on the projects front with more mixing and mastering in the schedule, video editing is underway for a DVD project (there’s lot’s of stuff to look forward to there), Maurice will be spending time with us finalising the mix for his forthcoming CD we’ve been recording for him – and, of course, there are plenty of jiva gigs scheduled for the very near future (is it possible to have plenty of gigs, or do we all want more?).

So, you see, this is the first opportunity we’ve had to tap-tap (or, in Jimmy’s case, two-fingered crash-bang-wallop) on the keyboard. Tired? More like Exhausted… but, sometimes, you just have to go with the flow – and our experience is that the results are almost guaranteed to be┬ávery well worth it.


Tyred & Exhausted
but blissfully happy…

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