17-Feb-2014 Just A Quickie

Talk about hectic – this is the first opportunity to stop for breath… we’ve played out every day, twice on some days… we’ve done some PC and laptop surgery and virus removal for friends (one by phone and one driving through blinding snow to get there)… we’ve been mixing tracks recorded in our Blue Room by friends… we’ve added a middle 8 and re-recorded and mixed our newest song… we’ve been working on a different approach to our next jiva recording venture – it’s really exciting stuff, but we can’t say too much yet… we’ve been deep in poster and leaflet design… we’re at the planning stage for a video shoot for a DVD project… and we’ve been burning the midnight (and 1 a.m. and sometimes 2 a.m.) oil on reviewing lyrics and recordings from the jiva back catalogue… and extra gig offers have been finding their way to our door (well, to our phone really).


So that’s all we have time for… must get back to burning even more midnight oil. Life is busy – very very busy…

And good? You bet!

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