19-Jan-2014 Satisfaction

There’s something very satisfying about getting things done, or even just doing things.

This past week has certainly been a week full of both. We were kept very busy with four care home performances, a Blue Room recording session for Maurice Baker’s album, editing and mixing tracks from that session and production of a draft CD, initial investigation into a potential DVD project, and Jimmy somehow found time to reduce the list of overdue items in his To Do Lists from 57 to 26!


It’s certainly been an exhilarating few days, and next week promises still more – we are very much looking forward to spending time with some special friends this coming weekend doing some recording, discussing future projects, good chat, a few laughs, and generally chilling.

“I can’t get no satisfaction” sang the Rolling Stones – that’s definitely not the case for jiva.

As always… life is full, life is good.

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