12-Jan-2014 Let Them Eat Cake

Jimmy certainly did!

darby-joan-cakeOur first gig of 2014 was a return booking at the Ellington Darby & Joan Club – they were celebrating their 45th anniversary and had a rather  L A R G E  cake to be ceremonially cut and then consumed. Val was very restrained and only had a very small bite, but not so Jimmy – he demolished a sizeable slice (and delicious it was too). Just two days previously we had been to see Phil Beer at a Bedale BAMlive afternoon concert where, in addition to the brilliant musicianship of Mr Beer, there was tea and coffee and… wait for it… cakes. Maybe there’s a trend starting here?

We had two other performances this week and we treated ourselves to a trip out to Cluny 2 to see ItsAcoustica (Andy & Catherine Higgins) showcasing their eponymous new album in their own inimitable style… alas, not a cake in sight, but it was made up for by their accomplished and adept musicianship. As songwriter and performer Chris Kelly (in his role as MC for the evening) said “Why aren’t these two bigger?” – we’d like to know too!

There are four performances booked for next week and we have a day of Blue Room recording with Maurice Baker who will hopefully be putting the finishing touches to his album. And we’ll need to do the usual mixing and editing tweaking magic touches to produce the draft CD for final approval.

And what of the next jiva album? Well, as luck would have it, we’ve recently started to gather momentum on new material and we’re on a bit of a songwriting roll… so who knows?

Busy times ahead – 2014 will be just as full and hectic as (if not more so than) 2013, and we’ll probably be cream-crackered by the end of it – we couldn’t ask for more (well, maybe more cake)… a grand life indeed…

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