05-Jan-2014 Dreaming Of Dreaming

Welcome to 2014 !

And what better way to start than with a new jiva song

Listen to an extract on our AudioBoo at https://audioboo.fm/jivauk

Dreaming Of Dreaming

This has to be one of our fastest turnarounds ever from first tentative guitar pick through to finished recording (a day and a half, yes, honestly) – and we can’t wait to include it in our live performance set. The song came about when combining previously written lyrics with a foray into experimenting with open G guitar tuning. For the past two months we’ve set aside time first thing after breakfast EVERY DAY (no exceptions) for writing. This song capitalised on those two months – the lyrics came out of one of those morning sessions.

It was also an example of using technology as an aid rather than an end in itself… the lyrics were written on a tablet using a handwriting app, the saved lyrics were shared online and made available to both of us via our home network, early steps with open G tuning were helped by a YouTube video, the initial rough recording which helped to finalise the structure was done on Val’s mobile phone, and the studio recording was done on our laptop with professional DAW (Digital Audio Workstation software), final mixing done on Jimmy’s desktop PC using a second licenced version of the same DAW software.

And now through technology we’re able to share it with you before it’s ever been played in public – Jimmy has certainly lived up to his ‘Digital Jimmy’ nickname.

Life is indeed good…

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