08-Dec-2013 Have A Nice Day

TravelodgeYep, the fast food farewell. We’ve just had breakfast (sort of) at a motorway services… tepid coffee, lukewarm food, between us we’re now 1,000 calories heavier and £15.00 lighter. Add to that the cost of accommodation (Travelodge for one night) and petrol, and you’ll see why we’ll never exactly get rich from our performing life. It may not be financially viable as a sole source of income, but we are rich and blessed in every way other than pounds, shillings and pence (yes, some of us are old enough to remember shillings).

Planning for this particular north west sojourn started many months ago when Anthony John Clarke told us he’d been booked to do the Kirkby Stephen Acoustic Tearoom Christmas Party… being webmasters means we occasionally get to hear things in advance of official publication, so Val got in touch with Penny to reserve our seats for the meal and concert. Rather than drive home after the show we decided to fit in some performing while in the area and make it a weekend filled with music. Again, Val got on the phone and in a very short time had secured us a couple of performances – one on the Saturday before heading off to see Anthony John & Peggy, and one on the Sunday breaking our journey home.

ACC-PeggyIt’s been a wonderful weekend. Lancaster was lovely, and they want us back again sometime early in 2014. The Acoustic Tearoom Party was great, Anthony John & Dave Pegg in fine form, bouncing rhetoric and quips off each other – not only was the music memorable, but also the magnificent way they handled all the off-stage banter. The finale was astonishing – Julia joined them onstage singing ‘Big Bamboo’ and then they finished with a standing ovation and a rip-roaring rendition of ‘Twist and Shout’ insisting that the more vociferous fun-time hecklers take their turns at the microphone too! This was a night that will be remembered by many for a long long time. And then Heversham to round off our musical tourette… as always, we were welcomed warmly, it was like doing a special house concert for friends and family. Lovely place, lovely people and, again, promises to return in the new year.

After an uneventful, if somewhat murky and dark, drive home we’re now off to our favourite local Chinese restaurant – shall we walk the two miles into town, or take the car? Dunno… what’s the weather doing?

Life is good, sometimes expensive, but always, always good…

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