20-Oct-2013 Keep On Keeping On

While some venues are struggling, others keep on keeping on – and so we were at Cramlington Folk Club on Tuesday to see Brian Willoughby and Cathryn Craig… as always, they were superb. It was great to catch up with them, swapping news, and we were treated to a wonderful night with our favourite songs and some new ones from their latest album, ‘Real World’, all delivered in great style.

Another venue worth a shout is the Smallcrafts Club in Hartlepool. We arrived in good time for our gig on Thursday night and had everything set up well in advance of the advertised start time (Bose L1, 2 6-string guitars, 2 12-string guitars, 2 tenor ukuleles and a U-Bass ukulele – not forgetting the harmonica and the cow bell… it wouldn’t be Lindisfarne without them). We actually kicked off a little later than advertised as it seems people generally turn up from at least 30 minutes late. We say thanks to Debbie for inviting us to play and for bringing live music into her venue… long may it continue.

The second get together of the songwriting group (must find a name and acronym for it!) at the Ballarat Studios in North Shields on Friday night was again successful. Attendees performed self-penned songs for the group to ‘critique’ and discuss… it’s always good to get other people’s views and opinions on your work/craft/fun, and a few useful tips and methods were advanced on the night. Our next evening is pencilled in for 29th November, but there’s a problem looming… the bad news is that the Ballarat Studios is due to close it’s doors at the end of October so we’re in need of a new venue. Please let us have your ideas/suggestions.

It’s such a shame that Karen will be shutting up shop at the Ballarat – it takes time, effort, money and a lot of support to establish a venue, particularly re-inventing a run-down pub as an art studio… unfortunately she will not see the fruits of her labours blossom, and North Shields (and the north east in general) will be the poorer for that. There’s a lesson to be learned about the need to support fledgling enterprises if they are to succeed… many thanks to Karen for her enthusiasm for ‘the scene’ – it is much appreciated – hopefully something good will come of it.

And, on that sad note, we’ll sign off for this week.

Keep on keeping on…

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