06-Oct-2013 Back Home To You

We start almost every show/performance with our adaptation of Allan Taylor’s ‘Back Home To You’ – not only does it hold special memories of our singing it to each other in the middle of our wedding ceremony (four years ago already), but it’s the song we usually start rehearsals with too, and it also says more below the surface than a casual listen might imply. So it’s very appropriate that, after being back home for a few days, yesterday’s rehearsal was kicked off with that very song.

Maybe it’s an age thing, or maybe we’re just exhausted after our holiday travels, but it’s taken us longer than expected to get back to full vitality – also Val had accepted a plea to do some temping for three days immediately following our return – and we’re just now getting full steam up in readiness for the remainder of what will be a very busy October… four care home performances next week, a trip to the Davy Lamp to see Anthony John Clarke, a care home and a pub gig and the songwriting group plus a trip to see Cathryn Craig & Brian Willoughby at Cramlington the week after, finishing the month with four more care homes and a visit with luthier Mark Challinor for some guitar work and a trip to the theatre too!

WinslowClick the pic to see the full size version in a new window!

We have a new song in the offing… surprise surprise, it started evolving while we were in America, and is being completed back home in the UK. Currently it features Jimmy playing 12-string guitar (strumming again – eeek!), Jimmy singing lead vocals (Val’s currently working on harmony parts), and Val brings the whole thing to life with her unique U-Bass playing style. We’re hoping to have it in the live performance set very soon, and we’ve also got some ideas for the video too – so watch this space.

As Allan Taylor wrote:

‘I’ve got to get back home to you, sweet love
I’ve got to get back home to you’…

Nuff said

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