01-Sep-2013 SS jiva

SS one = Songwriting Symposium

Friday saw a gathering of local songwriters who came along to the Symposium we were facilitating at the Ballarat Studios in North Shields.

Full details at:

Everyone contributed to discussions and the results from an on-the-spot activity/challenge were excellent.

Feedback has been consistently positive, so it looks like we’ll be gathering again before too long – maybe a regular Songwriters Circle, who knows? Ideas, enquiries and new faces always welcome.

SS two = Sunday at the Sage

We had a great time, an hour-long concourse concert performance with our Bose L1 model 2 system effortlessly filling the massive space, providing clarity without the need for ear-piercing volume. There was a lovely atmosphere, we received lots of positive comments and came home quite a few CDs lighter.


Sage: Set up and ready (photo by Mike Jessop)

Life is good – very, very good (SS especially).

One thought on “01-Sep-2013 SS jiva

  1. Kirsty Wilkins

    Glad to hear the Songwriting Symposium went well, and congratulations on the Sage gig – what a venue!


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