25-Aug-2013 OMG – It’s Huge

*Clue: Happy days – happy day indeed – happy birthday to Val.

We’re having a celebratory day – so this week’s blog will be somewhat shorter than usual.

After the excitement and trials and tribulations of our day at Clennell, this week has been a breeze… three care home performances, a few days in the Scottish Borders, a fair bit of walking, some retail therapy, two unexpected visits from friends and a special birthday. What more could anyone want?

But tomorrow we’ll be back in full swing, finalising preparations for the Songwriting Symposium (Ballarat Studios at 7:30 pm on Friday 30th August) and Sage Concourse Concert (1:00 pm on Sunday 1st September) – it would be great to see you at either, or both, of these events! And we also need to find time for editing and mixing and adding drums/percussion to some tracks and, with only three weeks to go, we need to check and re-check all arrangements for our USA trip.

* Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 anyone?

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