21-Jul-2013 Time Flies

So, better late than never… Sunday came and went, and there was no time for the weekly blog. Does time speed up at weekends?

The week started at a normal pace with friends visiting for a couple of days and then a trip out and a somewhat sumptuous meal at one of our favourite Chinese Restaurants (the Mandarin in Middlesbrough). Follow that with an extended afternoon informal performance (three 40-45 minute sets), a one hour show at a care home, two visits to do some PC and printer troubleshooting, and throw in the usual routine of a daily walk and some music rehearsal and things were ticking along nicely.

Throughout all this there was a video project (started at the beginning of the week) which was beginning to take shape and, as the weekend approached, the pace of progress began to accelerate until critical mass was reached on Sunday. Total blinkered focus meant everything else went out of the window until a completed initial draft was burned to DVD and a quick dash was made to deliver said draft in person. This resulted in a super evening spent in good company with much banter, laughter and some serious conversation stretching almost to the wee small hours before we bade a fond farewell and headed home again.

Life is good, very very good.

Now then…

Songwriting Symposium…

‘What’s that?’ you say… well, a quick google of ‘symposium’ reveals:

1. A meeting or conference for discussion of a topic, especially one in which the participants form an audience and make presentations.

2. A convivial meeting for drinking, music, and intellectual discussion among the ancient Greeks.

We’ve been asked if we would front a Songwriting Symposium at the Ballarat Studios in North Shields on 30th August – naturally, we’d be delighted!

So here’s your chance to have your say on:

  • What would you like to see/hear at such a gathering?
  • What would you NOT like to see/hear there?
  • Would you attend and participate?
  • Do you know of others who might also like to attend/participate?

Get in touch with us, or with Karen at Ballarat Studios – with enough interest, who knows where it might lead???

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