14-Jul-2013 The Times They Are A-Changing

Sunshine streaming through the window and there’s Jimmy slaving over a hot computer to bring you this week’s blog – a strange state of affairs you might think. But it’s all down to routine and consistency, dedication and determination – and some would say downright boring stupidity and repetition.

You know the saying ‘A change is a s good as a rest’ – that may well be true, but short breaks and interruptions to the norm can surreptitiously creep into the psyche and set up new habits to replace well-established ones. Take the past couple of weeks where we’ve been very quiet on the music front – we’ve had builders in doing things (nice things) to our yard, and a new wall has also taken shape, and we’ve naturally been concentrating on getting those things sorted and trying to schedule the installation of a new Gliderol door… also Val has been doing some temping… and… well, you get the picture… the jiva routine has been conspicuous by it’s absence. Only one public performance so far this month, and less time than we’d like spent on writing, recording, practicing and rehearsing¬† – yes we know there are only so many hours in a day, and yes we’re booked for 7 performances in the second half of July, but we’re definitely feeling the need to re-establish the routine and order that seems to have gone AWOL of late.

Our next outing is at the Ballarat Studios in North Shields .

ballarat-300wThe Ballarat Studios: a newly opened creative arts venture in the North East of England, situated in the former, and somewhat locally infamous Ballarat Hotel of North Shields. Located on the corner of Borough Road and Saville Street West (A187), which is a 4 minute walk from North Shields Metro Station, and a 4 minute walk from the North Shields Ferry.

The main space, in what was the old bar and lounge, is being converted into a gallery and exhibition area which is also be well suited for intimate performances of music, theatre, comedy (or maybe a combination of the above). www.facebook.com/TheBallaratStudios

We applaud this initiative, and want to help it thrive – we’ll be doing an informal music afternoon there on Thursday 18th July, and we encourage and invite one and all to pop in, chill out and relax. Music starts at around 2:00pm.

But before then, what’s next on today’s schedule? Re-stringing Jacques (Jimmy’s 914CE-L7 6-string Taylor) in readiness for much more music, and probably sore fingers too… serves him right!

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