30-Jun-2013 Just Do It

That’s been the story of this week – decide what should be done, and just get down to it.

Block-Paving-300hYou’d think that a week with only two gigs means that we had an easy time of it – but no, not jiva… the two performance (a care home in South Shields and a 50-minute set at Bedale Acoustic Music Club) were on the same day – and that coincided with day 2 of having our back yard block paved, and also a hurriedly arranged trip to Washington to sort out a new roller door (which also means a new wall will be required now that our wrought iron fence and gates have gone to the scrapyard in the sky).

Block-Paving-02-3-00hAdd in the stress of having skip lorries arrive at unearthly early hours dropping off said skips, and then a digger being offloaded, and not forgetting the deliveries of block paving and dolomite and sand and all manner of stuff – not to mention watching our yard turn into a bombsite-lookalike, and eventually start blossoming into something rather super! It’ll be big enough for open air concerts – not quite sure what the neighbours might think about that.

It’s not complete yet – there are edges to finish, a double step to put in and apparently lots of whacking to be done (we kid you not!). Oh, and there’s the little matter of what an estate agent might refer to as a panoramic open aspect to the rear of the property. But, like British Rail, we’re getting there.

That ought to be quite enough excitement for one week, but wait – there’s more…

Yesterday, there must have been a rush of blood to the head, inspiration, desperation, call it what you will – but an idea began to form for a video for our ‘Long Time Gone’ and today it has been uploaded to YouTube… thanks to fibre broadband the upload took minutes rather than the previous overnight job. It’s safe to watch, parental guidance not required… we don’t appear in the video. Intrigued? Well, click below to see what it’s all about.

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For those unable to see the embedded video above, here’s the link:

Life is good, and very very very busy.

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