23-Jun-2013 Minions

minions 250wVal has just scored 1296 points, collected 48 bananas and travelled 0 m… should we be worried? This all came about through Jimmy scrolling down our Google+ threads and following an innocent-looking link to a YouTube video. Much laughter ensued and we had a look at a few more videos. But all this raises a big question…

How come we’ve never heard of Minions or Despicable Me? Where have we been?

Well, typically jiva, we’ve been somewhat busy with music performing,┬áincluding two on the same day, and securing future gigs,. Did you know that June 21st was National Care Home Open Day? We did our bit by performing at Gosforth in the morning and Gateshead in the afternoon having played at Tanfield Lea on the Monday and our home town of Blyth on Thursday.

purple car 300wIt’s been an interesting week on the purple acquisitions front – our purple kitchen now sports a new purple kettle, purple kitchen towel roll holder, purple canisters for coffee and teabags and sugar etc – we did see an interesting purple item during our retail therapy trip to the Metro Centre, but it was not on our shopping list… phew!

Life is good, very very good.

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