02-Jun-2013 My Head Hurts

It might be the copious amounts of 14.5% red wine accompanying a lovely meal with Jim & Allyson at the Char Mausum Indian Restaurant at Stannington, or it might be the hustle and bustle of regular performances. It might be helped along by studying/practicing things like Travis Picking styles, pentatonic scales, fat piano chords and YouTube tutorials etc. It might be trialling backup software and setting up and testing a backup regime for the mountain of stuff that we maintain for ourselves and for others. Or how about researching and recommending appropriate hardware, software and content for an upcoming project?

Spending hours hunched over twin monitors probably doesn’t help either, so this week’s blog will therefore be somewhat shorter than usual.

Right that’s it. Time to pack the instruments and head off for a garden party and barbecue – soft drinks only!

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