26-May-2013 Smile And The World Smiles With You


It’s always nice to be asked to play – a phone call out of the blue offering a gig is always a bonus… and being re-booked immediately after a performance is a sure sign that we’re doing something right – right for the venue, right for the audience, right for the organiser and so, right for us too. One unexpected phone call and two re-bookings certaily broadened our smiles this week. We got some lovely compliments about our music, both in person and online – people joining our mailing list and wanting to be kept in the loop as to where we’re playing.


There certainly is a lot to smile about – both music and non music-related… Val’s dental appointment didn’t throw up any requirement for fillings or extractions, Jimmy’s physio session (albeit over the phone!) turned out positively with just a few exercises to schedule a few times per day over the next few weeks, an electrical problem was quickly diagnosed and fixed by a local contractor – quick and efficient serviceĀ and it didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Fibre broadband continues to be super fast and ultra reliable. Our weight loss programme continues apace and we’re both very close to our target… looks like we’ll need to go clothes shopping for smaller sizes soon!


Life is good!

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