19-May-2013 Je Ne Regrette Rien

Take a couple of care home performances, mix in some late nights (early mornings really), artwork design, one new gig in the bag, one gig re-scheduled, a fair bit of Googling, last minute sound-recordings tweaking, one rehearsal… and then add in good company, good food, wine, whisky, Southern Comfort, a fruitless trip to JG Windows, a better experience at Guitar Guitar… then top it off with a surprizingly great reaction to a self-written song that we had thought to sideline, some developing ideas for recording our next studio album, a French-themed evening in a village church with an Allo Allo sketch and sound effects managed by you-know-who… and what do you get?


A somewhat non-typical jiva week.

Normally we are creatures of habit, but we have no regrets over the past week’s happenings – not a single second (well, that might be exaggerating just a little, but we’re not telling). We’ve had a blast (turn up your speakers and Cue Sound Effect), and are now trying to re-establish a modicum of normality with less emphasis on computing and more on music… practicing, rehearsing (yes, they ARE different beasts), writing, recording and performing (we have five scheduled shows in the coming week).

Listen very carefully, we will say this only once:

La vie est belle !

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