12-May-2013 Life In The Fast Lane

The week kicked off with a smashing night at Glenfarg Folk Club. It was a 300 miles round trip but well worth it – we kicked off the biannual Open Stage night with our scheduled 30-minute spot, and were very well received by audience/regulars who very quickly and gustily got into our choruses. Heck, our two CDs (‘Best Friends’ and ‘They Diven’t Blaah Yer Lugs Off’) were first and second choices for raffle winners – beating wine, chocolates and the surprize prize too… unheard of! There were three other acts – a country/bluesy/comedy songwriter and guitarist, a clarsach playing singer/songwriter, and a traditional singer/guitarist… so, all in all a varied genre mix in a very well run club. We will be back there sometime.


Val spent three days temping in Morpeth while Jimmy reports that doing not much at home has eased his back problems immensely – he did, however, spend a day out sorting music for an upcoming event for a local village do as well as doing some computer/printer TLC work for friends.

broadband-cabinetFriday was indeed eventful – first thing in the morning the BT engineer called to say that he was sorting out the cabinet (200 yards away) and would be with us shortly. True to his word he arrived half an hour later and set up our fibre broadband connection in a friendly and efficient manner – it’s nice to be able to praise rather than grouse at the service provided, well done that man! At this point Jimmy was in his element – it took quite a bit of effort to get our network reconfigured so we can access everything from everywhere in the house… but with a setup like ours nothing is simple:

  • Two desktop PCs in the study/office upstairs
  • One laptop (our Blue Room recorder) downstairs
  • One netbook
  • One 4-bay server
  • One network drive
  • Two tablets
  • Two smartphones
  • Three printers
  • A mixture of wired and wireless connections

Friday evening saw us heading off to Guitar Guitar in Newcastle for a Taylor Road Show – a fun and informative evening, and a chance to see and play a wonderful selection of Taylor guitars in a very friendly and informal setting. Although there were lots of super guitars, and at least a couple that for us stood out above the rest, there wasn’t one that insisted “Buy me, you know you want to!” – so we kept the wallet firmly in the pocket. We already have a stable of gorgeous guitars (some might say too many, others might disagree), and who knows what we might just happen to find on our trip to America and second visit to Taylor Guitars in El Cajon, California.


Life is good, and getting faster!




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